The Best Natural Products To Clean Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for homeowners that need a resilient and durable flooring option that is easy to install and even easier to clean!

However, abrasive chemical products used in excess can strip your vinyl of its brilliant shine and water-resistant coating.

If you have invested in luxury vinyl plank flooring in fort meyers fl but aren’t sure how to keep it clean naturally, consider the following best natural products to keep laminate flooring clean.

Baking soda: This affordable natural product is found in every kitchen. Use it as a scrubbing agent for cleaning your vinyl floors by mixing it with water and a little bit of liquid soap.

You can also add it to your mopping water for a spot-cleaning solution.

Lemon juice: You’ve probably heard that lemon juice is great at cleaning various hard surfaces like glass, aluminum, countertops, stone, and tile. When mixed with warm water in a spray bottle and sprayed directly onto vinyl flooring stains or spills, the acidity in the lemon juice will break down any dirt or stuck-on residue.

Be sure to rinse with warm water and a soft cloth afterward!

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Vinegar: Vinegar is another excellent natural cleaning solution for vinyl floors. It is also a perfect option for keeping laminate flooring clean as it removes the buildup of grease and mold.

Water: Yes, you can indeed clean your vinyl floors or laminate flooring with plain old water. Try using warm water and a soft cloth to wipe up streaks and dust from your floors gently.

Coffee grounds: This may sound a little odd, but coffee grounds make an excellent dry scrub!

Place some used coffee grounds into a small plastic bag and proceed to rub the bag across the vinyl flooring surface until your desired cleanliness is achieved.

You Have Been Served; By A Handyman

You have surely had enough ups and downs for one lifetime. Just when you could turn over to a clean page, along came the virus, and all hell broke loose. Many of you have, however, been given reprieves, but sadly not so for many others. Anyway, one way or another, you are going to start rebuilding your lives and businesses, if you have not already done so. And having said that, you surely could do with some help. 

That’s your handyman for you. He and his professional handyman services in snellville, ga are here to help you get your domestic life back together again, here to help you get your business premises sorted out again, if that be the case for you. He might get what you have all been going through, so fingers crossed, he won’t be charging you the earth for his services. Which is a good possibility, given that he remains ranked as a general service provider in comparison to other trades and artisanal enterprises that might cross your path at some stage or another, if that has not already been the case for you.   

The thing is, he is not always listed as a ‘specialist service provider’, just a handyman, as if that could be so lowly a job description. But be that as it may, this is a handyman that is allowed to cover repair jobs up to a certain point. Electrical and plumbing jobs would surely stand out as two obvious examples. But electrical rewiring and fixing up the sewerage system from down there along the sidewalk, surely not.

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To close; the handyman has signed up for a whole lot more repair and maintenance jobs, amongst which drywalls, carpentry, tiling and doors.